Attach AFL (American Fuzzy Lop) to Copter 4.0

Hello, folks!
I would like to attach AFL (American Fuzzy Lop) to the latest Copter.
When the Copter used the make build, attaching AFL was kind of easy.
But, after you guys have switched the make build to the WAF build, I could not figure out how to do that. It seems likely to me that the WAF does not basically support the AFL according to the below website. (
Could you guide me how to do that?

I leave an answer myself.

Go into path of ArduPilot source code.

export CC=“afl-gcc”
export CXX=“afl-g++”
./waf configure
./waf copter

Cool - I’d be interested to see the results. Do you plan to share them?

Please let us know if you come up with things we could put into our CI
system to catch problems.


@james_pattison @peterbarker
Sure. I will share any problem which I will find using AFL.