Atc_rat_yaw_fltd psc_accz_fltd psc_accz_fltt all are "0" values

I just loaded the latest stable copter firmware.

I reviewed the parameters using the Mission Planner “Standard Params” and “Advanced Params” on the CONFIG tab.

These screens will highlight any parameters out of range - I scanned for those.

Three parameters have “0” values and are out of the published ranges: atc_rat_yaw_fltd (5-50)
psc_accz_fltd (1-100) psc_accz_fltt (1-50).

I looked back through my old BIN files to check if these parameter had values sometime earlier - seems they’ve always been “0”.

The info about these parameters in the Parameters docs doesn’t have enough information to help me know if these parameters ought to be set differently.

The copter in question is a Hexsoon EDU-450. I began with the default EDU-450 parameters, then went through auto-tune and FFT. Looks like these parameters never change from “0” through all that.

I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions - Thanks!