ATC_ANG_LIM_TC on knob?

I’ve been working on getting my microcopters very smooth, with the end goal of using them for video. I’m pretty much there now. Video looks as smooth as if I had a gimbal. Other than my shakey thumbs and jerky movements.

I don’t have time for physical testing today, but am thinking… It sounds like ATC_ANG_LIM_TC might be what I need for smoothing out myself. And when I’m filming, I’d like it very smooth and slow. But, when coming in for landing and other situations potentially in the same flight, I’d like full speed reactions. I don’t see it as currently being an option, but it would be nice to be able to add this parameter to the tuning knob. Then I could take off and land in tricky areas w/ full control, and still be able to smooth things out when I’m out in the open filming.

I’m not asking anyone to program for me… I’m just wondering if my idea makes sense… Is that a potential use for the ATC_ANG_LIM_TC param?

Well, I played w/ the angle limit param today, and it apparently doesn’t do what I thought it did. I detect no difference in performance or how quickly it reacts to my inputs with it set all the way up to 20.

Did you try ATC_INPUT_TC already?