AT without GCS not working

I have finished my AT. Here is my setup:
pixhawk + extern compas, GPS
standard 90deg servo for pitch
continuous servo for pan/yaw
433MHz TxRx link for telemetry

Pixhawk is loaded with AT sw of version 0.8.
Compass and accels are calibrated.

The probrem:
When AT is powered it stays in neutral position, so far OK. After it gets connection to vehicle yaw servo doesn’t move
but pitch points stright up to the sky quickly. In this position tracker stands forever. It doesn’t move in any direction - neither yaw nor pitch. Regardles the vehicle moves around the AT, it doesn’t move.

Will look tomorrow morning if there are some logs, would it help? Even param file I can provide.

Any suggestions?

Sorry I’m uploading it under different login, but yesterday I couldn’t recall password for my current login.
Here are logs form the field and param file too.
I would be happy if somebody can help me and see the logs and at least point me what I’m doing wrong. (2.9 MB)
AT.27.6.2017.param (4.1 KB)

One important note: arducopter (vehicle) is running on RBPi3 with PXFmini IMU. Here the command line contains program options A, B and C as for primary telemetry, GPS and second telemetry. I used second telemetry to connect to radio link which then goes to Antennatracker. Coud it be the problem? Shoudn’t be the radio link hooked on primary telemetry?
I’m just guessing as I have no other hints…