arudpilot doesn't detect the GPS

hello i have a problem with mission planner , my quad-copter have a GPS model : 1575R-A Neo-7M , ardupilot APM 2.8 and mission planner can’t detect the GPS and the ardupilot blue led doesn’t flash or even turn on (which means arudpilot doesn’t detect the GPS )
I tried swapping Rx and Tx wires but it didn’t work

Good day,
can you please provide more info about the way you wire it?

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I have connected as the picture shows and the GPS red led was steady but ardupilot didn’t detect it , then i tried switching Rx and Tx wires and it didn’t work neither


There is an error on your wiring…i will send you a scheme and just check itDF13 gps

What you show in that photo is correct. I think I created that one actually…

Here is a 7M working on an APM. If switching Tx/Rx doesn’t fix it then your module is probably bad. Take the opportunity to replace the APM with a Flight Controller that is not obsolete.