Arsovtech not more active?

Is Arsovtech only selling from US?
I need really need an ACASP4 including two wires. not really active not available shipping fee to europe 25-35$ really crazy

Do anyone have an idea to buy from europe like at the begin?


You can get some MRobotics products at:


It is true, Arsovtech/AUAV is now part of mRobotics. All of our products are now made in the USA.

We do have cheaper but slower shipping options, message support.


unfortunately they don’t have the acsp4 power board.

Hi phil,

good to hear from you.thanks

Following is the answer from helpdesk
Really crazy for Europe. :frowning:

Christian Tejada (mRobotics)

Oct 16, 13:12 MST

The ACSP4 comes with a Cable [6-Pins JST-GH] to [Single 2.54mm Female
Header Connector], the extra cable that you will be needing is, mRo 4-Pins
JST-GH to 4 Separate 2.54mm Females - MRC0221
Shipping to Germany usually cost between $25 to $35 U.S. dollars. Let me
know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,