Arming throttle with Copter 3.4 TradHeli

Hi All,

A little question related to the arming procedure with Copter 3.4 TradHeli.

With 3.3.3, I was able to arm with CH3_IN at 1094 (which is my low calibration value for this channel). When trying arming with 3.4 (same calibration value), it does not work. I have to go down to around 1000 for CH3_IN in order to allow arming by the remote.

Did something changed at this level in Copter 3.4 compared to 3.3.3?

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So far, the courage to try Heli AC3.4Dev firmware, due to ignorance 3.4dv Tradheli updates for new improvements, do not understand the current AC3.4Dev firmware Tradheli part of the code is written by whom, rob or Tridgell? I also hope to get a clear explanation by the update log for Tradheli rules!

Hi, just to make it clear, I am no longer able to support TradHeli releases starting with AC3.4. This has occurred because of 3DR discontinuing support of AC development, which has required me to devote my efforts to commercial support, which unfortunately has not included TradHeli to this point. Hopefully at some point I can find the time to focus on TradHeli again.

I’m not sure what the status of AC3.4 for TradHeli is at the moment, but am aware of several issues which could cause crashes, or even unsafe bench-testing, so please be careful.

We found (and fixed) an issue with how the helicopter servos were being initialised which I think could cause this problem. Could you try again with the Copter-3.4-rc1? It’s now available through the mission planner’s Install Firmware screen’s “Beta firmwares” link.