Arming and Disarming for Pixhawk 4!

Please advise me !!!

Now, I build X-copter with Pixhawk 4 flight controller as follow…

  1. Frame : S500PCB
  2. Tx (Flysky fs-i6x) / Rx (Fly sky fs-ia6b)
  3. Flight controller : Pixhawk 4
  4. GPS Module : Radiolink SE100
  5. Telemetry
  6. All calibrated

(My problem)

  1. I can’t arm using throttle down + rudder right but armed by pitch down + roll right
  2. After armed motor not spin and sometime the motor does not stop after lowering the throttle.
  3. The motor operation is accelerated and the light is not smooth with delay.
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Check your channel mapping. Looks like it’s shuffle. Go to Radio calibration tab and check for stick movements.

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  1. Movement is correct.
  2. My Tx setup…
    2.1) System/Aux switch — turn on Sw and Volume snd change 6ch to 10 ch
    2.2) System/Rx setup/Output mode — ppm , s-bus
    2.3) ch 5 = SwC , ch6 = VrA , ch7 = SwB , ch8 = SwD , ch9 = VrB , ch10 = SwB (ch5 +ch10 for 6 position flight mode)
    2.4) Mix between ch5 and ch10

Make sure the green bar on Mission planner moves in opposite direction for the pitch(only for the pitch).

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I found something wrong. Yaw stick is roll green bar in MP and Rool stick is yaw green bar in MP.
Do you know how to fix it?

Go to full Parameters list on mission planner, search for RC_MAP. You’ll find RC mapping for throttle, roll, pitch, yaw. Interchange the values there according to your need.

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I would also recommend an ESC calibration after channel mapping