Arm faild! Do you wish to Force Arm?

nice to meet you. I am a beginner.
thank you.

I am having trouble understanding the cause of the following error message.

Arm faild!
Force Arm can bypass safety checks,
which can lead to the vehicle crashing and causing serious injuris.

Do you wish to Force Arm?

Look to the messages tab of your ground control software (Mission Planner or QGC) and see what other messages appeared. There should be something to tell you what arming check did not pass.

Do not disable arming checks. They may be a bit of a pain, but they’re there to help.

Do not force arm unless you know what you’re doing, or why you’re doing it. Failing an arming check is not normally a good reason to force arm.

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tank you!
received message.
then after day,I run update firrmware.
so,change message ‘Radio safety on.’
i dont know this message after do it.

I’ve never seen Radio Safety On. Are you sure it didn’t say Radio Failsafe On? Post a screen shot if you haven’t solved it yet.