ARM Cross-Compiler Update

On Ubuntu flavors, there is an update to the ARM Cross-Compiler and components from the version (v7.4.0) that the ArduPilot ‘Build Code’ script installs. The system update wants to upgrade to version 7.5.0. Should I allow this update or hold these packages at the v7.4.0 level?


what is the target ? Linux or a chibios boards ? on chibios side, we recommend to use the toolchain we provide with the install script, and this one won’t be upgradable with apt-get

khancyr, I’m just compiling for SITL right now. But, yes, I see now that the build script ‘extracts’ version 6 (not v7) of the cross-compiler and is in the /opt directory. So the systems doesn’t see it as something it needs to track and update.