Are posts on this forum sensored?

I sent a message here a few days ago about my frustrations with the anti spam system and moderation system on this board.

I got an Email that said topic approved

And now that topic is deleted with no answer.

If this was done on purpose, this is very bad and means I will not buy hardware from 3DR anymore, my post was reasonable feedback and deleting it as inconvenient would have been unacceptable.

This site is a support site for Ardupilot users and while 3DRobotics pays the bill for the server, it is not administrated by 3D Robotics. You’ll note that each of the sub forums are moderated by the lead developer of a particular piece of software and 3D Robotics tech support staff moderate the 3D Robotics Hardware sub forum.

This forum is run by volunteers. If you would like to help make it better, we are always looking for people to help. As you have seen we are short of moderators. If you would like to get involved please let me know.