Are posts being locked and deleted?

I swear there was a post on structured tear down from Kangajump that listed several IRIS issues and defects.
Now it’s gone…
And what is with the locking of threads before they are finished?

I’m sure this is innocent, but seems suspicious…

The post was moved to the pub as this one here is moved to forum help & feedback because it doesn’t contain any Iris hardware support request.
Adverse posts are not being deleted or locked, however agitating and off-topic posts are!
As Craig wrote in another thread, this is a technical support forum, not a community discussion forum.
That means, ideally, a user asks a technical question and receives a technical answer.
This is not the place to discuss policy and also not to discuss DIY-modifications.

Ok, Stefan, that makes sense.
However, I didn’t see that so much as a DIY mods post as a list of ongoing issues that need to be resolved in order to make the stock IRIS air worthy.
I know that most IRIS’s are airworthy, but some of us have IRIS’s that came with problems.

I believe that we need a list like that to keep track of what is being fixed and what hasn’t been.

Also, why are you guys locking posts?

I personally lock posts when they threaten to get out of hand, i.e. when agitating becomes more than the actual technical issue. That happened with one user recently who not only continued agitating in his thread but also started making agitating comments in support threads of other users without bringing their issue any further.
Sometimes I also do lock off-topic posts or posts that clearly violate the forum rules but usually I don’t.

That is, however, my style. Other moderators might be stricter or less strict. The decision is always personal because the respective moderator is responsible for his actions.

Edit: I meant accountable, not responsible