ArduRover2 AUTO_TRIGGER function does not appear to work

Hi Tridge/Linus,

Per Linus’ initial observations concerning the AUTO_TRIGGER function in the ArduRover2 v2.41beta code I have verified that the AUTO_TRIGGER function does not work.

When there is no radio input to the APM, the APM mode is AUTO.

I hooked a push on push off switch to pin A4 of the APM and set the AUTO_TRIGGER_PIN to 4 in the Advanced Parameter List.

I powered up the APM without the radio and verified that the APM was in the AUTO mode.

The throttle output with APM pin A4 pulled high (normal state) was found to be neutral (1500).

When the APM pin A4 (AUTO_TRIGGER_PIN) was pulled low by the push on push off switch the throttle output of the APM was found to still be neutral (1500).

Yes, I had a waypoint course programmed into the APM which should have caused the APM throttle output to begin to rise towards 1900 and the steering to slew to the right.

Therefore the AUTO_TRIGGER function, as Linus has also found, does not work as expected.

Tom C

Hi All,
The AUTO_TRIGGER function is now fully functional after about two hours of real time testing and debugging last Thursday evening.
There have been a number of new parameters added to the ArduRover2 code to support this function. The most important addition is the INITIAL_MODE_OPTION that defines the start up mode of the rover after the APM has booted up. It is normally “0” (manual) and must be set to “10” (auto) for the auto trigger function to work.
There will be more details coming about how to setup the auto trigger function in the near future.