Ardurover - skid steer - tank - controller options?

I’m just starting to explore options for an Ardurover tank, a skid steer rover.
I also do like to play with mini drones and so I was hoping to use an Omnibus F4 Pro V3, or another small flight controller such that I could reuse it for something else micro drone related down the track.
But what I cannot quite understand is will this work, or must I get something like pixhawk? My relatively basic understanding coming from Betaflight is these Flight controllers have all the motor outputs mixed and in the skid steer rover application we would want the two motors separate? But is the beauty of Ardupilot that I can separate out the motor outputs of the board and use them as I wish? e.g. if I wanted to drive a tank turret on a 3rd motor output and use two for the two tank track motors I could do that?
Thanks and sorry for such basic questions!
Best regards,