Ardurover automatic mission starting on boot up

Hi All,
I’m building a solar powered rover and I’m wanting it to drive circles around my yard all day without any input. My plan is to use an Arduino to measure the voltage from the solar panel, then turn on power to the autopilot once it gets bright enough. Is there any way to get Ardurover to automatically switch into auto mode on boot up, with no external interaction?

The INITIAL_MODE parameter can be set to Auto. You may want to use the AUTO_TRIGGER_PIN function with an external relay from your Arduino to activate it.

Thanks for the info! For future reference, I may also need to set: FS_THR_ENABLE to 0, FS_GCS_ENABLE to 0, and ARMING_REQUIRE to 0. I haven’t tested this yet but I’ll post my results once I do.

Also MIS_RESTART disabled so it continues the mission from where it left off