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Ardurover and Jetson or Raspberry

(Eduard cabanas Gili) #1

Hi all

I’m using a Rover and I would like to add a camera to recognize weeds. I’m building a Jetson NANO that recognizes a face, or weer or what you want, I would like when the camera recognizes a weed, or a non authorized face stop the rover for some seconds and spray the weed or send an alert

If somebody has a project or experience about that could be very interesting


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(rmackay9) #2

@ecabanas, I think this could be done using dronekit installed on the companion computer. the companion computer could cause the vehicle to stop by switching it into Guided mode (or Hold mode) for a moment, then use a DO_SET_SERVO command to activate the sprayer and then switch the vehicle back into Auto mode.

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(Eduard cabanas Gili) #3


Ok, I’m gonna investigate in that way, thank’s for you help