Arduplane with RealFlight 8

Hi, I have set up the sim environment in cygwin on windows 10 and got the RealFlight link
Running it all seems to work, mission planner shows connected etc.

I can now fly a plane around in manual mode and Mission planner tracks and all is good.

As soon as I switch to any auto mode FBWA, RTL etc the plane immediately goes to vertical, either vertically up or down depending on if the aircraft was nose high or nose low when I switch to fbw mode.

Flying in manual mode the attiude indicator in Mission planner and the ASI/Alt all read as expected.

Any clues as to what I am doing wrong ?

Does it work correctly when launching from the mission planner simulation tab without cygwin? Also try with a model from here.

From the mission planner it all works fine, and using sim vheicle in cygwin not using realflight it also works fine.
Will try one of those models.