ArduPlane with Matek F765


I’m using a Taranis QX7S running OpenTx 2.3.1 with Crossfire Tx (full) and I’m setting up a wing with a Matek F765 running ArduPlane. All softwares are up to date.

Specifically, I’m asking about what is displayed on the Taranis TELEMETRY page (12/13). Hdg (F765 compass) and Alt (F765 baro) are not displaying any data, but Ptch, Roll and Yaw are fine, updating nicely at 10 Hz.

The Crossfire is paired via Bluetooth to a laptop running QGroundControl, and there, Heading (F765 compass) and Altitude (F765 baro) are displayed fine.

Could someone tell me where to look to fix this?