ArduPlane TECS source code unit conversions

While reading the Ardupilot code specifically AP_TECS.cpp in the libraries folder, I have a doubt in the following lines inside the function: void AP_TECS::update_pitch_throttle(…)

_hgt_dem = hgt_dem_cm * 0.01f;
_EAS_dem = EAS_dem_cm * 0.01f;

what are we converting the Height and EAS demand to ?
hgt_dem_cm…Height demand in cemtimeters … what does this represent ?

Sorry if it was too dumb and silly … being a complete noob i don’t know where to ask such questions and how to use the forums.
Really looking forward for the reply …

That would be centimeters to meters and making sure that float math is explicit.

If you have specific questions about development, you can hop into the Discord server. Posting on the forums about the code is fine too.