ArduPlane SITL w/Gazebo Link 1 Down

I am trying to run an SITL simulation connected to Gazebo-9. I am using the SwiftGust plugin with the gazebo-zephyr vehicle. I cannot seem to connect to gazebo - in the mavproxy console I immediately see link 1 down. Not sure how to resolve this.

Me too have the same problem.

Good Day

I had the same error. For my case I found out it was a problem with my gazebo build so I simply deleted my ardupilot_gazebo folder and reinstalled it.

Hope this helps, but this may only be specific to my issue, but hopefully it is the same as yours.

Check if you type in the terminal that you get no errors:
$ cd ~/ardupilot_gazebo
$ make -j4

Also type in termial:
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade

Also maybe you dont have all the dependencies installed for ArduPilot:
$ sudo apt install python3-matplotlib python3-serial python3-wxgtk3.0 python3-wxtools python3-lxml python3-scipy python3-opencv ccache gawk python3-pip python3-pexpect

If you are having any trouble with installing these you can install a package manager to install each dependency individually (I use synaptic):
$ sudo apt install synaptic

Open synaptic if you have an application launcher or type (for admin privileges) and type your password:
$ sudo synaptic

Go to the search and type in each dependency, tick the box and press ok and finally apply to install all dependencies.

Hope this helps; is clear and is related to your problem. I’m simply documenting what I did.