Arduplane, Racestar F405Wing Nano and CRSF RX

Dear Ardu team,
here I am with another question :slight_smile:
I have replaced my Matek F411WSE with Racestar F405Nano. Afaik when using crossfire I should use UART1 as it is DMA. However on this board Uart1 is for BT only (no physical soldering pads). Is there any workaround about it?

I ended up desoldering the bt module pins and using them as a plug to connect the rx/tx from nanorx crossfire to Uart1. And it worked :slight_smile:

Why not to try different uart?

Without a DMA port crossfire canโ€™t run at full speed.

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Exactly, thatโ€™s why I needed uart1 :slight_smile: