Arduplane on Pixracer flash, build and setup

I bought a PixRacer R15 combo pack and tried to set it up with Arduplane, servos, motor so I know I have everything working before I put it in a plane. I’ve never done this before and it was an interesting challenge, but I got it working in the end. Here’s my video of how it works.

Happy to answer any questions, don’t forget I’m new to this - so will answer about what I found out, but there a lots of gurus here who know way more than I.

BRD_SAFETY_MASK will let you select what channels you want to move without needing to arm. I often set my controls so I can do my checks without needing to create the risk of having the motor armed. Especially useful if you’re running any auto throttle modes.

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Thanks Allister, I knew there had to be a way. I’ll be moving the rig to a real plane in the next few days and I’ll try it out.