Arduplane mode selection gone mad


I am using the 3DR APM 2.6 with external GPS and Compass module in a X-UAV Talon, and I have flown many many many successful mission until today.

I am using a JR with the FRsky module an V8FR-II and while I was flying the modes started to change erratically from RTL to AUTO to Circle to manual to stabilize constantly and on my remote I only have Manual, RTL and Auto setup.

Can anyone tell me what can this be and how do I resolve this because I do have sometimes very expensive camera equipment in this plane and I really do not want to loose this because of something stupid I could have fixed.

Please find Attached my tlog and log file.

Kind Regards

Circle mode is a also transitional mode for fail safe, before triggering RTL.
I would suggest to test the TX range.

Hi. I was also involved in the crash mentioned here. The Talon was flown 4 times. We were testing Auto Takeoff which worked flawless the 1st time. After successful completion of the mission, APM was rebooted and launched a 2nd time.
This time (also Auto Mode) the Talon started to climb. At 150m above ground I realized that something was wrong. I tried bailing out (Manual Mode) without response. At 500m above ground I eventually manage to activate Manual Mode by using a combination of the Mission Planner and the radio. (In this time period I switched the radio off to try and force a failsafe. I also activated Manual Mode on the radio without success.) The Talon was landed successfully in Manual Mode. The APM was rebooted and another attempt was made to fly the Talon. AutotakeOff was successful and the mission completed successful. A 4th test was conducted and shortly after takeoff, failsafe was activated. After this, APM kept on switching between Circle, Auto and Manual. This time I was not so lucky and the plane eventually crashed. After inspecting the logs, I cannot find any definite fault. This seems to be a Rx fault but I am not sure why it climbed to 600m without response from the radio the 1st time.
Any help would be appreciated in analyzing or pointing in the right direction. The 1st error started at ±12:03 – 12:08 and then again at ±12:25 – 12:30.
Thank you.