Arduplane Missions with consistent offset to the right of waypoint path

Hey, I just started with Aurduplane by now (flying Ardupilot based multicopters since 2013) and I’m trying to tune my Auto missions without success.

The plane follows the waypoint track always by the right side of the desired path as it can be found in this print-screen from my last flight.

I’ve successfully performed an 40 min autotune, the plane is flying really well in Manual and FBWA modes, seems pretty trimmed as well. The compass is getting a warning when full throttle is applied on the take-off phase but I’m working on that.

By the way the airframe is a Skua from Hobbyking if it matters :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?

Thank you

u might need to upload some logs to see whats going on. …?

Yeah sorry for that but on that time I was on the field with no chance to upload the logs.

However after reading some tips on the ardupilot forums I noticed that planes with large lateral area are prone to produce more lateral acceleration on some cross-wind conditions and on those cases the arduplane “side-slip controller” should be enabled (is disable by default).

I changed the YAW2SRV_INT and YAW2SRV_SLIP both 1 and NAVL1_PERIOD to 12 and now my SKUA airframe is also flying really well when in Auto respecting Survey Grid Lines.

Got same error. Here is my log files :

It looks like that when I extract from log

But for photogrammetry purpose, camera alignment looks like that (real flight) :

I’m having this problem too… I didn’t find outhow to solve that…

Disable EKF and you’ll be happy