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ArduPilot with Dual GPS (blended)


(ACPUK) #37

Thanks again, I wonder if I should brake the I2C connection from the 2nd unit in case it causes issues.

(rmackay9) #38

It’s best that it’s not connected. It can’t be good to have the 2nd I2C cable connected.

(ACPUK) #39

Disconnected i2c2 and tested, blend all looks very nice. I will be back at the field later and do a survey and test RTK in Blend mode.

(ACPUK) #40

RTK Works very well with blend.

(rmackay9) #41

Excellent, great to hear!
We should probably update the wiki then to reflect that it seems OK to mix Ublox GPSs (or at least recent version). I’ll take care of that change in the near-ish future.

Indoor Positioning with ArduPilot based on UWB modules
(Zevi) #42

Does anyone know what kind of configuration would be best suited for merging the Pozyx indoor positioning system with a Here GPS on the same aircraft?
Would Dual GPS or Blend be the best bet?
What triggers Ardupilot to switch GPS priority?

(Jennifer Liu) #43

I am using 2 Ublox NEO - M8N with Pixhawk 2.1

These 2 GPS are plug into GPS 1 & GPS 2 ports respectively.

I have set the following parameters

  • GPS_TYPE to 1: Auto
  • GPS_TYPE2 to 1: Auto
    -GPS_AUTO_SWITCH = 2 / “Blend”.

but the Flight Data screen are shown as below

(Jennifer Liu) #44

I followed the GPS 1 & 2 pinout diagram

(Amilcar Lucas) #45

Did you reboot after configuring the system ?

(Amilcar Lucas) #46

The GPS is a GPS, the pozyx is a beacon.
They can not be blended out-of-the-box.
But my guess is that the EKF will do that for you, albeit not the blending that you are after.

(Jennifer Liu) #47

What do you mean by reboot. ? Power cycle. ?

(Amilcar Lucas) #48

yes. I meant power-cycle.

(Jennifer Liu) #49



Yes. i did power cycle. but both GPS 1 & 2 are not being detected.

(Jennifer Liu) #50

@rmackay9 please help. thank you

(TI) #51

Hi there,
I also have been toying with the idea for the merge you are outlining.
Have you been able to find out anything else, or maybe even had a chance to test yet?
Would be great to hear some more about what works, or where the roadblocks are.

(Zevi) #52

Hi, I haven’t been able to test it yet… but will be working on this very
soon. I just got two of the marvelmind indoor navigation systems and will
be configuring a rover, and then copter to use this indoor system. Once
that is reliable I will then be working to setup that system on a drone so
that it can go from indoors to outdoors smoothly without any issues.

Like I said, I just received these units and haven’t even started playing
with them. Let me know if this sounds like something similar to what you
want, and how you are thinking of going about it.


(Amilcar Lucas) #53

When using marvelmind, please apply the ardupilot PR I did to improve It’s precision.

(TI) #54

Hi Zevi,
thanks for the pointer. I had a look at their offering and really like their approach of streaming NMEA-formatted data. The limiting factor for me here is the indoor limitation and the limited reach of the sensors.

I also envision a seamless fusion, an EKF blending of “fake-GPS” (coming from beacons) and “real” GPS.
I have not quite thought this all through, but at first glance I should think for this to work - for going from “inside” to “outside” - the beacon position (network) would need to be precisely calibrated. So basically one would need to establish the GPS coordinates of a secondary positioning network (which is setup in a GPS-denied environment).
But maybe there’s a smarter way to keep positioning absolutely accurate and repeatable - in both environments?
Would be great to keep up the discussion to find a real-world solution.

(Russ Jarvis) #55

I’ve just started to use dual gps on Ardurover 3.2.0 and wanted to review the paths as shown in your post. I don’t seem to be able to find the ‘show map’ button you mention? I’ve even tried the beta mission planner but still can’t find out how to display the information as you have. I’d really appreciate a pointer in the right direction!


(rmackay9) #56

Hi Russ,
The “Show Map” button is on the MP’s dataflash log viewer (Logs Wiki). So if you open a .bin log file from MP’s Flight Data, Data Flash Logs tab (see bottom left), then select Review Log and select the .bin file a window like below will appear with the “Show Map” check box on it.