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ArduPilot T-Shirts, Keychains and other merchandise

(.) #28

Hi Cala, I will gladly make your t shirt in glorious pink if… you let your husband wear the other one!

(cala2) #29

Of Corse!!! :smiley:

(termitehards) #30

Yes please :slight_smile: looking forward to getting the T and the keyring

(Kurt shaw) #31

Okay no ArduPilot inside. But how about ArduPilot makes it happen

(Leonardo Martins) #32

… or " #FREE AS ARDUPILOT " … :stuck_out_tongue:

[image: --]

Leonardo Martins
[image: http://]

(jpkh) #33

First sample / test stitching to see how colors etc are working together. Final version will have PILOT text with more yellowish color so it’s seen better against that red background color. As seen on right side of the picture.

Remember this is just work sample to approve background material, colors, layouts etc. Final key-ring is naturally 2 side and have rings etc.

(wkf94025) #34

Looks GREAT! Agree more yellow than orange.


(Iam) #35

That looks like a fun item. How about making an actual usable one? A thinner lighter material that flaps in the wind with a plastic sleeve that fits our standard pitot tubes. Besides the conventional aviation use of keeping out bugs and dirt, this also helps with a Preflight Calibration on a windy day.

(jpkh) #36

@iskess yes that will come too but as that needs a silkprinting and manufacturing Die’s it will take longer. These keyrings are done by cnc sewing machines. Sample was done with single head machine and production batch with industrial machines that have 20 sewing heads… :slight_smile:

(overviewimaging) #37

i would like to see a black t shirt with the mission planner logo
and also a t shirt with mission planner HUD.

(overviewimaging) #38

(jpkh) #39

@overviewimaging Thats an great idea. Yeah MP logos would look good on black shirts.
And thank you for good example picture. Easy to start working with that reference

(wkf94025) #40

+1 for t-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, ball cap, and stickers for use on my wings.


(jpkh) #41

First keyrings have arrived. Get yours now from here and support best project in the world :slight_smile:

(Kurt shaw) #42

I got mine ordered

(Mike Boland) #43

Its a shame the shipping on these is set at $41.80 as the only option.
Was going to order a couple.

(Kurt shaw) #44

Shipping was only 15 something for me it gives 2 options

(Mike Boland) #45

Unfortunately not to Australia

(jpkh) #46

@mboland i will say store managers to check why you are not getting registered airmail option to AU.

(jpkh) #50

Bigger load of rings just arrived to my desk… A lot’s of them has gone out too but we need them more around the world :slight_smile:

Current batch was 750 pcs. So start spreading them…