Ardupilot support for GOKU GN 745 40A AIO

Does Ardupilot support GOKU GN 745 40A AIO?
On Ardupilot’s website I see that it is supported and the FC has a flash of MB. However, on Flywoo’s product page I see that the flash on this is 512 KB (pasted below). Please advise.

GN745 AIO Flight Controller
MCU: STM32F745 32-bit processor,216MHz, 512Kbytes Flash
IMU: MPU6000 (SPI)
Barometer: BMP280
Onboard LED:WS2812*4

Looking at the photos of the GOKU, it uses the STM32F745VG variant. This variant does have 1Mb flash, so would fit ArduPilot.

So, one of two options:

  • Typo on flywoo’s website
  • The manufacturer may be using a mix of 512kb and 1Mb STM32F7’s. Given the worldwide silicon shortages, this could be an option

Thanks for the response. Your second option is correct. All of Flywoo’s F7 AIO are 512k flash now.

What are some of the cheaper options for FC to use with Ardupilot and have a companion Jetson for slow autonomous cruising? I understand PixHawk is one option.

There’s a full list over at The cheaper boards tend to be the Matek boards. Depends on your requirements though.