Ardupilot serial port issue


We are attempting to connect 4 UART-based rangefinders (proximity sensors) to ArduPilot running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Navio2. However, when we try to start ArduPilot on our setup with systemctl, it fails. Starting ArduPilot manually returns an error. Below is the command we’ve been using to invoke ArduPilot:

/usr/bin/arducopter -A udp: -C tcp: -C /dev/ttyAMA0 -D /dev/ttyUSB2 -E /dev/ttyUSB3 -F /dev/ttyUSB1 -G /dev/ttyUSB0

Based on the information we’ve found thus far, it seems that ArduPilot only supports a maximum of 6 serial ports by default. Is this true? If so, how do we override it?


Ziv Kedem and Mohammed Khan

We generally use I2C or CAN based Lidar for this type of configuration

I think it supports up to eight if you hack the HWdef.dat files

where is the HWdef.dat files located for Navio2?

I think Emlid keep them unpublished, you will have to ask them

In this folder, depend on your board.