ArduPilot Roll Over and Crash During Take off


Just had this crash. Plane had a unwanted roll over and crash during take off. I don’t know why. Why do you think this happened?

Log file attached.

Were the control surfaces correcting in the correct direction? Have you flown the model before manually OK??

Give us a little more to go on.

It was manually flown normally. I did all the calibration everything was normal till the take off. I controlled the stabil mode on the ground and it was correcting control surfaces against the movement. I tried to take off in stabil mode with default PIDs. Do you think that this can cause the roll over?

I’ve had this happen once but it was entirely my fault.

I’d just flown the quad with my dx8 then decided to put the cessna up, but I forgot to check all my switches and had left channel 7 high… which turned on inverted flight. As soon as the plane was 2 foot off the ground it just rolled right over and into the ground.

Do you have any flight logs?