Ardupilot Not recognizing my Transmitter

So I have been requested to repair and upgrade the VTX into a custom Hexacopter running Aurdupilot, on a CUBE orange, and the 8 Channel Diversity Crossfire receiver. The Taranis controller is programed with the Crossfire LUA script and I was able to use Channel 3 to control the VTX via smart Audio. Channels 1 and 2 are used to control a 2 Axis Servo to move the camera around and that works just fine. Channels 7 and 8 are used for MAVLink and are set as MAVLink Rx and TX on 7 and 8 respectively plugging into the Telemetry 1 Port on the Cube. I know that the Mavlink is set up correctly because I am able to get Telemetry Data from the Bluetooth in the crossfire module on my transmitter. However when I go to calibrate transmitter I have 0 inputs showing up on screen so it ultimately fails, and with 0 inputs detected I’m getting a “throttle below failsafe” Arming Flag. The drone was flying with this set up at some point and then was in a crash and put into storage so all the parameters and settings on the transmitter should still be correct. Thanks again for any input.