Ardupilot MAVROS LandingTarget messages

#-- MAVROS LandingTarget messages isuue
Hi!, I’m younghoo park
I have a question about the mavros LandingTarget messages.
Although it is recommended in the documentation related to LandingTarget messages that communication rate is 10-50hz,
when it is actually just 6-7hz with my Jetson TX2.
So, I tried various methods as below, but still 6-7hz came out.

  1. $ rosrun mavros mavsys rate --all 100
  2. $ rosservice call /mavros/set_stream_rate 0 100 1
  3. $ rosrun mavros mavsys message_interval --id=149 --rate=100 (because LandingTarget message id defines 149)
    Is there any other way to change the communication rate ?

I configure the system with Pixhawk 4 and Jetson TX2 that are serial communication and teh baudrate is set to 921600.
I have confirmed that $ rostopic hz /mavros/imu/data is output up to 10-40hz. I also want to /mavros/landing_target/raw output up to 10-40 hz.

Thank you!