ArduPilot - HD Zero - Stick Command Issues (unintended menu opening)

Hi all,

I just installed HD Zero in one of my aircraft. I got my OSD and stick commands to work, but now I am faced with a new issue:

Is there a way disable stick commands (ie opening up the VTX and camera menus)?

My main issue is when I go to arm the aircraft (left stick down and right for a couple seconds), the RunCam camera menu opens (as it’s the same command). Ideally this would be solved on the HD Zero firmware side, but I am wondering if there is a work around in the meantime?

You can change the runcam defaults in CAM_RC_CONTROL

Thanks @andyp1per . I tried this morning and unfortunately CAM_RC_CONTROL seems to have no effect on HDZero and the RunCam Micro V2.

Just for fun I tried changing CAM_RC_TYPE to all the different available cameras and the CAM_RC_CONTROL settings still had no effect.

I am at a loss.