Ardupilot Guided Mode goes crazy

I’m flying a quad with a Crius AIO Pro V2, using Ardupilot 3.0.1-R4 downloaded with MegaPirateNG flash tool. All setting are default values. It has been flying very well in Loiter and RTL modes. It loiters within a 1 meter diameter circle and return to home is straight and true with no dithering about when it gets there.

BUT when I switched to Guided it went crazy, shooting off in the wrong direction and crashing. I had 10 satellites. The first way-point was 57 meters away when I switched to Guided. I have checked on Mission Planner that the correct mission was loaded.

This doesn’t seem to be a hardware problem because it only occurs in Guided mode. I don’t see how I could have set up the mission incorrectly. Perhaps it is a firmware issue. I’d appreciate any advice

Guided mode doesn’t use missions, Auto does.
Guided is used for follow me with a phone or tablet; or by using mission planner and just clicking on a point you want the quad to fly to.

Thank you Mark, that was stupid of me. I should have spent more time reading the instructions