Ardupilot Copter 4.0.3 - Compass Calibration Feedback

Good morning,

I have notice that in the firmware 4.0.3 when calibrating the compass the message MAG_CAL_PROGRESS is not emmited, while on version 4.0.2 once I start the calibration the message is emmited? Did the message changed? How can I check the progress of the calibration under this new firmware?

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Good day are you using MP for compass calibration or you are doing it without MP using only drone and rc?

is it possible to do compass calibration without MP ?

Good day, yes its possible do the compass without MP, after this with MP you can check and deactivate the compass which is more noise

Look in the Compass calibration Wiki for this section:
Onboard Calibration using Stick Gestures (no GCS)

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Good Morning,

I’m not using MP, I was using QGround Control that is not working. In the case of the topics I needed to calibrate using just the ardupilot and mavros.

Better use MP… for the calibration you can do with drone and rc… after this with MP you can check and disable the compass more noise…
When you are doing in this way absolutely remove the props

Found out that the topic was not showing because the frequency of Srx_Extra3 was at 0Hz.
One more question the orientation_confidence value it says in the documentation the higher the better, but does anyone know the range of values? Because in QGroundControl for example there is a bar with red, yellow and green.

Yes. push Throttle to full and yaw to the right at the same time

When you are doing the calibration better have low offset mean green bar in qgroundcontrol, if you have high offset set your are in yellow bar… red it’s like a too high offset.
Better keep always the compass far from electric source… radio antennas and use a different stand.
Sometimes it’s necessary shield the module.
in case you need it you can look in store.

Yes, but my question is the orientation_confidence from the MAG_CAL_REPORTER ranges between which values? Because I already got values between 1 and 4 in pixhawk 4 and 11 and 14 in a pixhawk cube.

my guit tell that pixhawk 4 and Cube have different mags.
Can you attach a log or graphics of both?