Ardupilot as an F5J failsafe system

I’m trying to configure a FC ardupilot based for my F5J glider just to kicks in only in case of RC lost or in RTH FM but for now it’s not working.

Someone know if it’s possible to set the input channels as a passthrough and when there is an emergency the ardupilot takeover the control and fly back to home point?

Thank you

What exactly do you mean by “not working”?

You should be able to fly in MANUAL mode (MANUAL Mode — Plane documentation) but still have failsafe support (Plane Failsafe Function — Plane documentation).

I agree with @cbf123 , you should set the plane up and fly in manual mode. You will still need to do some basic tuning so if the RTL does ever take over it can actually fly the plane without oscillating. Also by using manual mode rather than pass through you could take advantage of the SERVO_AUTO_TRIM.

If you’re using crow you might want to look at this: Flaperon Configuration — Plane documentation


The manual mode still manage the mixing like craw and its making problems with the mixing from the RC.
Everything I’ve tried not fully working, every time there is some issue that prevent from the all functions to work properly.

Thank you