Ardupilot and digital terrain models from Kartverket (Norwegian Mapping authority )

Hi, I am curious if it’s possible to implement the free and open DTM10 data from Kartverket. It’s in 10x10 meter grid measurements, with a accuracy of ± 4 to 6 meters,as it’s superior to any SRTM data.

Preprocessed national dataset exports are available.
All datasets are in EUREF89, NN2000. UTM zone 33 has full coverage. Zone 32 and 35 where applicable.
The file covering the entire Norway is here:
It’s size is 18139 MB updated 20.07.2019

Which terrain data source is used is a property of the GCS, not of ArduPilot. I know MissionPlanner supports multiple sources, but I don’t know if it supports the one you linked.
To get full advantage you’d also need to adjust TERRAIN_SPACING, which is the grid spacing inside ArduPilot. Note that a small terrain spacing for a fast aircraft could be an issue as it has to swap out grid squares really rapidly

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All the data is licensed under :
Creative Commons BY 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)