Arduino Optical Flow Sensor Board ANDS3080 to APM 2.6

Good Morning,

I have bought a APM 2.6 along with the Optical Flow Sensor, and I have browse through this website,, to check with the connection.

However, I’m confused with the diagram on APM2.5, I understand that the only difference between 2.5 and 6 are the components differences but not the circuit of the flight controller. and from the diagram of the website shown above, I do not understand that why the connection of the components, such as Vcc is connected to the GND, while GND is connected to the ‘S’ Signal pin and Vcc to ground, may i ask if there is any clarification on this?

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I guess I have figured out that the last 2 pins are SPI pins which then i connect the Signal pins to A3, and the MISO SCLK AND MOSI pins to the location I have visualize from the EAGLE File of APM 2.6,

However I have connected the Optical Flow Sensor to the board and did a testing on Mission Planner, It is able to intialize ADNS3080, but it kept repeating Unrecognized command by itself, Following the instruction of typing ‘c’ and ‘m’ does not work at all…

Please Help

Hi. I have bought apm2.8 and wanted to connect the sensor and confused with the diagram also. Could you fixed the problem? Just change the vcc with ground?

You should try on python for optical flow instead. For the connection wise, you might want to download the Eagle schematic files from

Then you look at the pins beside A11, there are 6 pins which are not analog pins, and you will be able to connect the MISO, MOSI and CLK pins to the optical flow.

One thing to take note is that optical flow has yet to be successfully implemented in the OF_Loiter mode as stated in last paragraph. So you might want to take note of this.
Nevertheless, the connections and test was successful in terms of python testing for optical flow sensor with APM 2.6

hi every one my name is zahed kamangar i am from iran i am phd student mechatronic i use APM2.6 in my quadcopter and i use optical flow for indoor position hold and use sonar ?i have very stabile altihold and every thing about optical flow is good but i cant use optical flow in flying time and i have any reaction when i go to of-loiter and i think it is not working realy?any body dont any thing about configuration setup or any thing about optical flow and working it???

Any body is not here to answer me? :cry: :blush:

I believe that OF_LOITER mode is yet to be working based on the website here