First off, Why doesn’t this have its own sub-forum?? Secondly, I’m needing to capture the data from the IMU in triggered events (like pixhawk/apm triggering a camera to capture a picture). Is there an input pin on the ArduIMU? I’m pretty sure I can handle the rest on the software end, mainly modify the Output file of the ArduIMU.imo files with an if loop where it would check a variable ‘triggered == 1’ and then it would print through the tx pin which is connected to the rx pin on an OpenLog.

So the questions I’m asking are:
Anything wrong with my setup/logic?
What is the pin for input, if there is one, on the ArduIMU?

In case there is no pin for input, I would have it output the tx data to the rx pin on an Arduino and then when ‘triggered==1’ happens on the Arduino it would output to the rx pin on the OpenLog through the tx pin.

ArduIMU is not supported in the ardupilot forum but you can get help here:

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