Arducopter what the number of GPS satellites needed for a safe launch

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As subject, When Using a Pixhawk and AduCopter how many GPS Satellites are needed for a safe launch.

And is it possible within Mission Planner to set that number so it will not Arm until it has the correct number of Sats locked in.



With the current version it need 6 satellites before it will use a GPS mode. If you take off in Stabilize it will not mater but if you use Loiter or Position hold it will not arm until this is meet. I think it also needs a low HDOP below 1.2 before it will trust the GPS. These items are all configurable.

GPS_HDOP_GOOD: GPS Hdop Good - HDOP value no decimal.
ARMING_CHECK: Arming check - Used to set GPS enable checking.
AHRS_GPS_MINSATS: AHRS GPS Minimum satellites - Satellites.
EKF_GPS_CHECK: GPS preflight check


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