Arducopter support on New flight controller

I am reaching out for advice- I am trying to build a new UAV using a new flight controller (FC) (Ark Flight Controller) entering the market … the controller comes loaded with PX4 however I wanted to use Arducopter… In theory it should work.
How is arducopter firmware loaded on a new FC,?..

My intent is to first replace a cube on an existing copter and test it before using it on a new X8… my set ups are pretty basic now cube, kde motors / esc (any other suggections on esc), Mauch power, Here compass, RFD w/ TX mod for coms and alex mos gimbal board… so I am looking for advice if there would be any red flags to watch for in testing a new (PX4) Fight controller?


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I belive its basically a pixhawk FMUV6x and is supported.

I did receive this message from the board developer…
“I don’t think you will be able to load Arducopter without a hwdef file made for the ARKV6X in Ardupilot. You will also need to update Mission-planner to recognize the ARKV6X”

If anyone can help me with the steps to get arducopter loaded on the board it is much appreciated

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