Arducopter resets one parameter in the SF11c LIDAR to its default value

I have Pixhawk Mini with AC 4.0.5
I was asked by Lightware to change the Lost Signal Confirm Time from 0.05 default value to 5.0 in my SF11c rangefinder.
Among other changes this should eliminate the large distance spikes I see in my rangefinder log files. I changed it via USB port. The change was written and confirmed. I powered the rangefinder OFF then back ON. Verified that the value stays at 5.0
However, after I connected the lidar to my Pixhawk via I2C port, this particular value was reset back to 0.05. I did this several times just to make sure. Each and every time connection to I2C reset this value to its default. All the other changes I made in the SF11c have not been reset.

Has anyone else experienced this too? If so, is there a remedy for this issue?

Thank you for your help