ArduCopter minimum 6 Satellites required


I have a hard time getting the “GPS” signal of Marvelmind to be accepted in ArduCopter. It works perfectly fine with ArduRover. ArduCopter seems more critical regarding the minimum number of satellites. After arming switch to PosHold, or when GeoFence is enabled, or any other function that requires GPS lock, ArduCopter will not enter in that mode because minimum satellites required is 6, and it is only getting 4 from Marvelmind. My HDOP is 1.20 and GPS Status is 3 so that looks good. Mission Planner indicated 3D GPS position.I have set AHRS_GPS_MINSATS to 0, but still getting the error minimum satellites required is 6. Marvelmind NMEA message $GPGGA line 2.6 output is set to 04. Can this be changed to 06?

Please help.

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Not recommended to use gps modes with less than 6 sats, better 9, try to change gps position or put on a mast.

You are using Marvelmind in “NMEA GPS” mode. That mode has low precision and you can not change the Marvelmind FW because it is closed source.

So what we did is to use Marvelmind in “RAW distances data” mode. This has high precision and uses the open source EKF code of ardupilot.

The first hit in google for “marvelmind ardupilot” is :slight_smile: