Arducopter GCS failsafe not working

Hi everyone,

I am having issue with arducopter 4.0.3 and a TBS Crossfire, there is no way to trigger a GCS failsafe when I stop the connection on mission planner.

Maybe the crossfire is always communicating with FC, to get telemetry for my taranis and GPS position for FLARM or maybe it’s a deeper issue.

As anyone successfully managed to trigger a GCS RTL on arducopter 4.0 before?



  1. Arducopter GCS failsafe DOES work.
  2. The crossfire acts as a Mavlink router and issues heartbeat messages to the FC as long as it is connected. Since GCS failsafe relies on the presence of Mavlink Heartbeat messages, if will not trigger as long as crossfire is connected.
    The possible solution is to get a real telemetry radio and keep mavlink routing with the GCS sw.

Thanks for your reply,

it’s what I suspected, will try again tomorrow, with a simple 433Mhz system.

I can confirm that GCS failsafe is working on arducopter :grin:

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