ARDUCOPTER for PX4,NOt providing Servo o/p on qgroundControl

We are trying for arduCopter on PX4, but we are not getting the servo ouput values aswell as the rc input values on the qground Control dashboard.

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Himanshu Kamat.[/color]

How are you powering your PX4? A full up PX4 system cannot be powered by just the USB alone. You must use a powered USB hub to supply enough current for the PX4 to operate properly. Are you using a PPM receiver or are you using a receiver to PPM encoder? The PPM encoders take a lot of power and a powered USB hub should be used with the PPM encoder.
Have you followed these instructions: … io-wiring/

We are not using ppm encoder but we are using ppm receiver… and using the separate Li-po 2200 miliamp battery to power the quad-copter.