ArduCopter Flight Time Calcuate

Hi every one…
I want know if I can find any fromule to calcuate flight time for my Quad Copter… How I can calcuate flight time for the copters… For example, I want use T-Motor U15II 100 Kv with 200 A ESC and 40*13.1 inch CF Prop… With 6x30000 mAh 6S 25C -total 12S 90000 mAh- and I planing the total weight 65 Kg… Any suggestion

eCalc will approximate it. Easiest tool to use for this.

Hi Dave… Thanks for the quick reply… I know eCalc but this website required to the money… Any another free websites

You are about spending thousands of $$$ on a build and your looking for free ecalc?
I think that the $13 ecalc cost for a year would be beneficial for you.


Just off the top of my head with a quad, you are looking at 20 minutes (give or take) using 80% of the battery capacity.

For $1000.00/hr and a 10 hour minimum billing I can refine those numbers.

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You do realize that this contraption is going to have a “wheel base” (diagonal motor center to motor center) distance of at least 1508mm (roughly 5 feet)?

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What will the payload be in this beast. I feel like you are overdoing it on the battery side.

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hhh You’r reight… I think I’ll sign up in ecalc

Yeah I know… thanks for the calcute