Arducopter/dronekit with centos possible?

Hi, was wondering if anyone has successfully used Dronekit on a CentOS system to communicate with Arducopter on a PIXHAWK? (I see that most drone-world folks use Ubuntu, not sure how much support there is for CentOS which is what my office uses.)

Also, since Arducopter is the firmware that runs on the PIXHAWK, does that mean that the PIXHAWK OS is generally Ubuntu?

Appreciate any help answering my newbie questions. I’m new to the ardupilot droneworld & PIXHAWK hardware (though have worked with autonomous ground and water robots in the past).



No, pixhawk uses either Nuttx, or ChibiOS, or F4_light real time operating systems. You can choose which one to use.

Your PC can run whatever linux you want, but you do need to install some packages to run dronekit-python.

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Personaly I would find an old PC and get it a second life with UBUNTU.
There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck with a problem without any support because you have decided to go into uncharted territory…

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You shouldn’t have any major issues, CentOS (presume you’re using latest 7) provides a normal python2 environment, so just do ‘pip install dronekit’.
The drone-world overwhelmingly uses debian/ubuntu so you’re much better off using those if you can, but if you’re just doing simple dronekit work then centos should be ok.

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The dronekit version available in pip is ancient. You are better of compiling it from source.

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That’s sad to hear, it looks to be pretty much abandoned :frowning:

The code is not abandoned, it’s just that “periodic and timely releases” are non-existent.
Development continues. Releases don’t.

Ah ok, these responses are really helpful in getting started… thank you!! :slight_smile: