Arducopter Crash

I am working with a Hexacopter, with Cube orange flashed latest copter firmware from Mission planner, system is integrated with herelink. We are about to start an autonomous mission, with a Flir Vue Pro R fitted to the Hexacopter, on this particular mission, the copter suddenly plunged from 45m altitude, only warning came in herelink as fall initiated was EKF 3, I only had Roll and yaw control during its fall, and rest were freeze and copter fell into a nearby pond, 90% submerged in water. Attaching the log for reference, what I only see is the GPS glitch error, any other expert identification will allow us, to fix the issues. Lately I also ran in to Motor out put issues, even at idle condition. Clockwise motors seem to be working more than Anti clockwise, they seem to be very hot after landing and Anticlock wise motors are normal. Hope to find some answers.
Thank you

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Indeed there is quite an imbalance in the motors which normally suggests that they are not well aligned. So it looks like there was a failure in motor 1- that could be the motor itself or the ESC and I suspect the ESC. There is a bit of pulsing of the motor after the failure kicks in so perhaps there was a loose/damaged ESC cable? Now I am not an expert in how Arducopter deals with motors out on hexacopter but, given that you had quite an imbalance in the motors, this may have made the recovery too hard for the flight controller, especially as those working hardest were over the 50% PWM range. Also the tune didn’t look great either with quite a difference between desired and actual roll/pitch. This may well have been a contributing factor.

One of the key things to know when flying anything RC is that if you think there is an issue, eg motor imbalance, then this is best sorted prior to flight. As you were having motor output issues prior to flying then I would have grounded the aircraft until this was properly understood. Don’t worry, I am not getting at you for this as, trust me, we have all been there at one time or another. It tends to be one of those lessons learned the hard way.

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I second to Angus, it was a motor1 failure mid-flight.

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Poor tuned copter.And seems your third IMU is not active too. EK3_IMU_MASK check whats the value.State your frame also.

Hi. Thank you for the views, mistake on my part to go ahead with a mission with that condition, I am completely re working on wiring and got the new ESC and motor setup for now, Luckily the frame survived the crash .

I am using this frame, with Cube orange , and Here 3 GPS

I’m using the same frame. Could you share the PID value?