Arducopter connection over xbee

Hello everyone,

We are having problems connecting arducopter to mission planner over XBees,

The board we are using is the APM2.5, we tried using both the 2.4Ghz and the 900Mhz xbees but no results. The error we are getting is it gets stuck at (getting params sysid1 compid 1) when I connect. It works over usb but not over the xbees.

Additionally, we can connect using ctrl+T which bypasses the parameters.


To anyone having similar issues with the Xbee connections-----> it was due to a voltage mismatch. The Xbee was not receiving the correct voltage , and therefore it was not functioning properly. In addition, the connection would not go through because we had over-volted the power supply by even as little as .2V. Making sure your power source is at the 3.5V rating is imparitive when aiming to make the connection.

hi i want to build quadcopter using ardupilot and wireless communication using xbee module. all topics recommend using rc transmitter and receiver instead of xbee but i want to use xbee to control the quad from my laptop. could you explain more about connecting xbee module to apm??

You would be far better off forgetting xBees and using 3DR or clone radios. They are much much much better behaved.

the idea is to make it full autonomous quadcopter without rc