ArduCopter compilation steps for older versions

Hello all,

I am able to compile and upload the latest version (master) of ArduPilot to my Pixhawk1 board. However, I was not able to work the optical flow, and couldn’t find out why because the structure for the OF has changed and not compatible with the previous documentation for OF. For example, there is no parameter named “FS_ENABLE” anymore.

Hence, I decided to compile and upload older versions, such as 3.3, 3.4 or 3.5 and try them out. However, there seems to be a problem during the compilation stage.

Anyway, before I even mention that, I don’t really know what configuration boards “‘px4-v1’, ‘px4-v2’, ‘px4-v3’, ‘px4-v4’, ‘px4-v4pro’, ‘pxf’, ‘pxfmini’” stand for.

Can anyone help me find some sort of documentation for this?


all the older versions are available on the firmware server:

Not that we would recommend using old versions, best thing to do is flash the latest stable and read the wiki and ask for advice on setting up optical flow here.

Thanks for replying,

I was more looking for a place such as a wiki, similar to the found on Build.MD on latest master.

For example, I don’t know what board configurations px4-v1,2,3,4 stand for ? Things like that, where can I get the related information ?

you can look at Build.MD for the release your interested in by selecting that branch, for example for copter 3.4

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Ah. Now I feel stupid :joy: