Arducopter- Attitude controller demanding very high body rates during gps primary changed in air, but who caused such high rate demands when error in angles was still very small?

Hi Community,

Recently we have been flying Coax copters (coax quad) , we used Arducopters latest release on a Pixhawk cube orange.

PF the logs -

In the bin file, most of the time copter was at ground ,so see the last 20 secs in the log, the flight only lasted 12 seconds before crash.

In the logs, see the time 14:40:55:332, at this time GPS shifted to second GPS, thus message comes “Primary GPS changed”, this shift resulted in shifting of position by approximately 1 m from current position.

After this time, at 14:40:55:460 desired roll rate was around -5 deg/sec, at time 14:40:55:560 it reached around -65 deg/sec, so in 100 milisec roll rate desired has incremented from -5 to -65 deg/sec, this is 600 deg/sec^2 roll acceleration demand, hence mixing logic creates differential in the appropriate motors as seen in the log at this time.

But, Feedforward rate gains are zero and also roll angle demand and sensed and pitch angle demand and sensed are within 1 deg error around this time.

So question is who asked rate controller for such high demands???,
angle errors were very small during this time, also all feedforward gains are zero.